f you have a damaged or diseased tree on your property, you may be wondering, “Is there a good tree service near me?” There are often many options listed in online directories, but a local tree company will always have specific knowledge that a distant service won’t have. This information helps an arborist determine the best course of action after a tree risk assessment.

1. A Local Arborist Knows the Weather

Understanding how weather patterns affect your trees involves a lot more than just checking your phone. An experienced arborist is used to working with the microclimate of their area, observing subtle changes and how they affect the local varieties of trees over time. For example, an arborist can tell you how windy conditions typically do or don’t affect trees in your neighborhood. You could then choose between bracing and pruning without worrying that you will lose both your money and your tree.

2. Professionals Target Specific Conditions

Your tree problems will vary according to where you live. In an urban area, the different types of pollution can affect your trees. Suburban homeowners are often concerned about animals and invasive plants. Qualified arborists target the insects and diseases that affect the specific type of trees in your neighborhood. They also know how to best fertilize for local soils and trees.

3. Fast and Professional Service

Calling a tree service near you will save you both time and money. An arborist that is nearby can better fit you into the schedule because there is less travel time involved. Less travel for the professional means a lower job quote. If there is a tree protection ordinance in your area, the arborist would be familiar with how it works and how to best work with the city or county. They would also know about the need for permits or other bureaucratic issues that come up in your area, which prevents you from wasting time and money on legal issues.

So, if you have a tree in poor health and are unsure as to what you should do, call a tree service near you. A qualified professional can come out and use their refined knowledge of trees in your area to help you keep your landscaping in top shape. If you’re in Connecticut please give us a call and let us be your local tree service professionals.