Trees can really add life and aesthetics to your home landscapes. With so many different types of trees there are a number of options for your yard. While many homeowners appreciate their trees and do all they can to keep them healthy on occasion a tree still needs to be removed. In this blog  we explain some of the most common reasons why a tree would need to be removed.

Dead Trees

Every homeowner or commercial property manager hates to see a tree die. Unfortunately it is a sad fact is that sometimes trees do die.  Once a tree has died, there is really nothing more you can do except remove it.  You might be thinking why you need to remove a dead tree. Well over time the dead tree with slowly lose its strength and as it weakens it will also lose its ability to withstand storms or extra weight.  Elements like snow, ice, storms, and winds can break off branches or bring down a dead tree. The fall of a dead tree or even a branch can cause extensive damage to nearby houses, cars, or even people. Dead trees represent a tremendous potential liability and should be removed as soon as possible.

Diseased Trees

One major cause of tree death is disease.  Sometimes you may not know that a tree has been infected until irreversible damage has already occurred. If you have a tree that is diseased, then it is important to have it evaluated ASAP. Immediate removal of a tree that is beyond help is often best.  Not only will this avoid the eventual weakening that will follow as the tree dies, but it also better prevents the spread of the disease to any other trees in your yard.  If you see signs of disease in your tree, give us a call so we can examine it and recommend action.

Damaged Trees

Unfortunately, sometimes healthy trees experience unavoidable damage. Severe weather (both thunderstorms and winter storms) has the potential to damage trees.  In particular, lightning can cause harm in a flash.   Trees are often mortally injured by a lightning strike.  Yet it may take the tree several years to show the extent of the damage. Other sources of damage are animals or accidental contact with a vehicle or other solid object. Again, you will need to evaluate the situation to see if the tree is able to be recovered.

Encroaching Trees

Trees are alive and growing, which means that their effects on their surroundings can change.  At the time of planting, a tree may enjoy a good location.  However, trees grow and new structures are built around trees.  Roots of nearby trees can disturb the foundation of a house or building.  In addition, growing branches may get in the way of power lines or other utilities.  Less critically, trees may grow to obscure a favorite view.  Trees that cause these kinds of problems are often removed.

Annoying Trees

Not all trees are as equally beloved.  Even the healthiest of trees can be a nuisance.  These trees may shed annoying seeds or fruit.  Some trees have wood that is naturally weak and more likely to break.  At times, there may just be a personal preference against a certain type of tree.  In other instances, you may just desire to use the land occupied by a tree for another purpose.   In the case of an annoying tree, removal is completely elective.  You can do it in your timing or decide it isn’t worth the trouble and leave it alone.

Some reasons for tree removal require immediate action (like an uprooted tree resting on your roof).  Other circumstances are less urgent and allow a wait-and-see approach.  Whatever your reason, when you decide you need (or want) to remove a tree, you can trust Ping’s to do the job.  We have amazing equipment and years of experience