Aside from being unattractive, a dead tree can be a serious risk to not only humans but to the surrounding natural environment as well. Let’s walk through why it is dangerous to ignore a dead tree.

Disease/insects can spread to other trees

There are many causes of a dead tree but if the tree in question is dead because of disease this can cause serious harm to surrounding trees. Disease as well as insect infested trees can easily spread to nearby trees and exert their power on others resulting in the same fate as the original tree.

Attracts insects/pests

Along with disease spreading to other trees, dead trees tend to attract a lot of unwanted insects and pests. Termites and rats for example love to congregate to a dead tree. And if the tree is close to your house they’ll eventually make your home their own home.

Dead branches falling

A dead tree means dead branches. And dead branches mean weak branches that can randomly fall. Branches can range in size and if a large branch snaps off and falls it can cause serious harm to any pedestrian that happens to be standing below it.

Can fall on hazards

Dead branches can fall on hazardous areas but so too can the entire tree itself. If a tree is extremely fragile it can topple over entirely. Trees that are especially close to things like power lines, cars, houses, or pedestrian areas can wreak havoc and could end up being extremely expensive to remedy. It’s best to take care of them before this happens.